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Thread: Radiora2 and homekit question

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    Today's announcement that RadioRa 2 will work with Amazon Alexa in Q42016 makes Homekit/Siri support less important to me in the short run. In the long run, I still want Homekit support so I can control lighting/shades in a central app with all my other Homekit compatible automation devices on my iphone or better yet via Siri on my watch which is always on my body. But for now, the ability to control RR2 with Alexa will give me the voice control that significantly boosts the usability and "wow" factor. With a Dot in each room in the house, I may finally have that Jetsons style house I've been dreaming about since the 1970's!!

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    From an email I received today it looks like Lutron is announcing full Amazon Echo & Alexa support for HomeWorks QS, RadioRA 2, and CasÚta Wireless.

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    any update on the ability to use caseta with a motion detector? seems like a very easy thing to do and don't understand why it wouldn't be available - it is with other wireless lighting systems.

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    No updates as of this time.
    One option is you can link the Caseta system with a Samosung SmartThings hub, and use an occupancy sensor on that system to trigger a Caseta dimmer or switch.

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