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Thread: Dynamic Keypad Firmware Update

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    Dynamic Keypad Firmware Update


    Running 6.0.1 and if I try to update the dynamic keypad keypad (wired), but nothing happens. I updated WPMs successfully, and yet with the same USB cable and computer, trying to update the dynamic keypad just pops up a window picture of how to connect the USB cable to back of the keypad. Only option is click close. Nothing happens. Tried various things... QS Link disconnected/connected, project file open/closed.
    The dynamic keypad says it has version 2.9.3. Perhaps that is the latest rev and so there is no update?

    On the topic of firmware updates, I could not update WPMs with the same instance of the updater software. I had to close the software after each successful update. Not a big deal, but seems like a bug worth mentioning...

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    I've encountered this problem, may be a bug.

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    What firmware version is your Dynamic Keypad?

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    as if.5.1.0

    I don't remember clearly, as if 5.1.0

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    2.9.3 is the latest firmware revision for the Dynamic Keypad. Is there a specific reason you are attempting to firmware upgrade the dynamic keypad?

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    Just doing an overall system update. Was not sure if an update was even available since the dyn keypad updater did not give me feedback. I guess I would like to see fluid graphics on the dynamic keypad to make swiping pages back and forth more responsive for users. As is, the WAF factor is low.

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