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Thread: help with selecting bulbs for outdoor pot lights

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    Question help with selecting bulbs for outdoor pot lights


    My low voltage specialist are coming in this week to do the rough in for the RA2 system. I have 8 light switches (4 outdoor, 4 indoor). Which type of bulbs should I use for the outdoor and the indoor?
    CFL bulbs outdoor and dimmable CFL bulbs indoor? or LED Lighting? Brand?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    For a list of approved LED's for the RadioRA2 system we would recommend using our LED product selection tool at Here you can perform a search by Lutron control as well as LED bulb/fixture type. When you perform a search all the LED bulbs/fixtures that meet your criteria will be listed. You can then click on the product name to get a report that will show all the Lutron controls we recommend as well as what the expected dimming range is and the number of bulbs we recommend per dimmer.

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    What Craig said ^^^^^ be sure to do your research and discuss min/max load with your installer, especially if using CFL/LED.

    I think the Link he suggested works best if you simply select "Radio Ra 2 Dimmer" from the drop down (nothing else) and click search, it will populate a list you can cross-ref to see whats locally available to you.

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