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Thread: Flickering lights on random switch legs

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    Flickering lights on random switch legs

    Hello everyone.

    I am having kittens with a project i have installed.I am having flickering on random switch legs.
    System has 100 or so RD 6NA installed.Controlling single,double and triple Halogen MR 16 recessed lights.No one switch leg over 400 watts.
    Problem is more pronounced when scene is selected and then lowered dimming pushed.If i go straight to dimming scene no problem,but if go 100% and then lower,flickering starts.Not on all switch legs on the scene but some.
    Also happening on a hybrid dimmer.
    Spatially happening all throughout 8000 sq foot house.I have 2 main and 2 Aux repeaters spread evenly.
    Looking for help,ideas as to what is going on.

    Thanks Steven Lambe

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    Hi Steven, flickering on random loads could be the result of neutral interaction. When you are dimming the scene together and this is happening, are all the loads (or most) all on the same circuit breaker? Since all the dimmers you are seeing this happen on are neutral based, this could be adding to the problem. If the transformers being used on the MR16s are magnetic then you could try swapping one of the dimmers for a RRD-6CL and see if the load continues to flicker. I would also suggest calling into Technical Support while you are on site and we can look into the circuits and the wiring more.

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    Hi Mike.
    Thanks for reply.We have 2 circuits with 2 neutrals to each 6 gang switch box.Of the 4-5-6 dimmers on full power scene only 1 dimmer of lights will flicker.
    Additionally on a scene of lights in bedroom,I have 1 dimmer with 4 lights,1 dimmer with 3 lights,1 dimmer with 2 lights.All dimmed at 55% but the lights look at different levels.
    I am having problems all over the house on random switch legs.Also on Hybrid dimmer.
    20 khz on the sec side of transformer,so im pretty sure its electronic transformer.
    Going crazy
    Thanks Steven.

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    MR16 is the bad brother of lighting control.
    If you search on the Lutron LED site and pick MR16 nothing will come up.
    Only MR16 you'll see are GU10.
    Was told by Lutron tech that they don't test to magnetic transformers only electronic.
    The problem with low volt MR16 is there are to many variables to control. Can has a trans, bulb has a driver. Some work on forward phase some on reverse.
    Mix and match and you start having fun.
    One evidence that 12v MR16 are hard to control, look at the Home Depot shelf. Used to be a decent selection(even though I didn't use them) now I only see 2 or 3.

    One brand I will not use for 12volt MR16 is TCP. Had to many on multiple jobs die. TCP for others bulbs are great.

    What bulbs and cans are you using?
    I have had good success with Green Creative MR16

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