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Thread: Legacy RA

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    Legacy RA

    I need to replace dimmer on existing legacy RA system. I don't remember how to remove inoperative dimmer and then add replacement RA dimmer. Could you send me copy of programming card used to manually program Legacy RA system?
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    1. Check that the system is in normal operating mode and that all dimmers and switches are energized prior to performing this procedure.
    2. On the main repeater, press and hold the Activate Controls button until the LED is lit. Do not release the button.
    3. While still holding the button, press and hold the Beep button until the repeater beeps. Release both buttons. After several seconds, the repeater will beep again.
    4. Observe the Activate Repeater LED. Count the number of times that it flashes. The LED will flash one time for each missing dimmer address.
    5. To free up a device address, press and continue to hold the Main and Auxiliary Repeater buttons simultaneously. When the repeater beeps, release both buttons. At this point, one missing device address will be restored and the Activate Repeater LED will stop blinking. If the repeater does not respond, press and hold the Beep and Flash buttons to free up the address.
    6. Return the system to normal operating mode by holding the Activate Controls button until the Activate Repeater LED goes off. To free up more device addresses, repeat the entire procedure.

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    Understand triac dimmer issues to ensure compatibility

    When using an energy-efficient bulb, the homeowner generally expects an experience similar to what incandescent lamps provide. Although some LED lamps are marked as compatible with incandescent dimmers, there are various degrees of what can be defined as “compatible.” Dimmable LED lamps tend to interact quite differently when used with these legacy devices. A number of undesirable results may occur when you use a dimmable LED lamp with an incandescent dimmer, including:• Reduced dimming range• Flickering or fluttering of the lamp• Inconsistent performance based on the number and assortment of lamps being controlled by one incandescent dimmer

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