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Thread: Processor internal battery?

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    Its a good idea to upgrade. We have recently replaced 2 older systems because the processors failed. Even if you can get a working processor, the system could have other problems and that processor that works is still old. It would be like trying to find an old original engine for a car thats 15 years old rather than upgrading it. Can work, but its old and may fail sooner than later.

    Im in Miami, FL so there is very little that I can do from here. Sorry if this isnt the help you need. If you have any other questions, let me know.

    Alex -
    J. Alexander Luty
    iQ Electronic Interiors, Inc.

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    ok, thank you!

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    Hi I change battery and upload the OS by steps you described. The problem is that the processor after power off go in boot mode. It not loose memory, it won’t start the OS. Whit command OSSTRAT via RS232 it work normal.Do you maybe know how to resolve the problem that after power loos start OS?

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    tried this

    Quote Originally Posted by SparkyCoog View Post
    Wow that is very detailed, thank you! I had no idea you would have to reupload the OS again too. I doubt that I would end up doing this but it's good to give the customer (especially one who bought the house with this in it and can't afford a complete system) to at least try the cheaper route.
    Ok, did this but but after the upload of the os, it says complete. but then when i flip the dip switch back, and try to upload, it gives me a blinking red light and can no longer connect

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