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Thread: Processor internal battery?

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    HWI OS upload

    I recently had power outage at my house and HWI-PM-D48-120 homeworks illumination system lost its OS and programming. I believe it is from a dead battery so I ordered the battery and will replace but cant find the software/firmware to upload the OS. I really dont need the lighting program since I addressed everything with the hardcode addresses of the switches external so just the OS should get me back up and running. No lights for a few days already so this is getting old quickly. Does anyone have this info on where to get the OS to load into system after battery replacement? Tech support at Lutron denied my request so I am desperate to find this code.

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    You are going to need the program file for the system and the Lutron software to load it in as the OS gets sent with a program upload I believe. Since you are not a dealer/installer that may be difficult as the software is for dealers only. I would look for a local Lutron dealer.

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    HWI OS upload

    Not having much luck with finding Lutron dealer willing to call back for just this fix and Lutron only will support if I buy new system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by floridacommand View Post
    You must NOT use HWI165 to do the OS upload.Use an older version of the software as something is wrong with how 165 writes the OS to the processor.Once the old one is in you will find it works properly and THEN you can use 165 to update THAT working processor to what will be 1.64 version of the OS.Something I discovered in the last few days. UGGHHHHNow we all know!

    For anyone that finds this, I am told that the acceptable versions in this situation are above 1.18 and below 1.50. I ran into this problem and was successful with 1.49, then upgraded again with 1.65 to the final version.

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