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Thread: Lights randomly turning on on thier own.

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    Lights randomly turning on on thier own.


    I have a client complaining that they have lights turning on by themselves at different times during the day. Sometimes up to 16 times in a day. Has anyone seen this behavior before and maybe give me an idea of what to start looking into. It is a 2 processor Homeworks QS system with DMX lighting and a few wireless dimmers and one occupancy sensor.



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    If a homeowner is experiencing lights coming on or off unexpectedly on a RadioRa 2 system, and you are unable to determine the cause of the issue, we would recommend ensuring the following:

    The most common reason a system would be having lights turn on or off unexpectedly is if there are unexpected timeclock events occurring. This is seen mostly in systems that have more than one timeclock mode configured. If the system is not in the normal timeclock mode, there will be another set of timeclock events executing in the system.

    If the system has buttons programmed to change the timeclock mode from to another mode, we would recommend verifying the LED on these buttons is not lit. If it is the case, we would recommend pressing this button as it will revert the system back to the normal project timeclock.

    You can also verify if the system is in vacation mode. If vacation mode is programmed, you can log in to the processor via "tools->integration" and send the command "getvacationmode" in the terminal. The system will return if it has vacation mode enabled or disabled.

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    Thank you Armando for the reply,

    I worked out that it was the vacation mode that was active. So all seems to be well.

    Thanks again,


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