Greetings (my first post)

I have two doors to the backyard and hence two outdoor light switches. I see that with the Maestro series, I can have a switch at each door that controls _all_ of the backyard lights (all 7 of them). This is all the functionality that I really want.

Because some of this will be done in conjunction with a remodel, however, I will need to satisfy California's Title 24. That means outdoor lights must have a daylight sensor (so they will not remain "ON" in the daylight; this may also be accomplished by means of an "astronomical clock") _AND_ the lights must have a motion sensor.

If you consider the functionality in my first paragraph, I could comply with the daylight provision of Title 24 if there were a way to have a single daylight sensor control the power to all the outdoor lights, or interface in some way with the Maestro switches to force an "OFF" condition when it is daylight. I can see that this would be relatively easy, but I don't know if the hardware to accomplish it exists.

Now, the motion sensor provision is not so simple to implement. I can't tell if Title 24 requires that each fixture have a motion sensor, or if I can have a master motion sensor. (I would rather get some fixtures that do not have motion detectors.) I cannot find a clear functional description of what the motion sensor is required to do, but I think it has to turn off lights after a time period of no detected motion. Finally, I really don't want to add separate motion sensors with 120V wiring that must be routed according to code. I would like to have a few motion sensors with low-voltage wiring interfaced with a remote-mounted switch that controls the 120V as needed.

Just an aside - I think it is dangerous to have outdoor lights that shut off without warning. Moreover, if you want to know if your outdoor lights are functional, you have to wait until it's dark to try them!

I hope I have conveyed my needs accurately. I would like to avoid a large "home automation" type system. I just want on-off switches and the required daylight and motion sensors.
Any advice on how to get this?