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Thread: Pro2 bridge Echo integration fail

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    Pro2 bridge Echo integration fail

    I have a large number of Lurton casita switches and pico remotes that were easy to configure with the caseta app. I'm transitioning to the Lurton bridge from a wink hub to have better lighting control. (the wink hub does not support all casita switches!) That is all working.

    i am having an issue with the pro2 bridge and Amazon's Echo. Echo is not discovering any caseta switches. Yes, I have installed/enabled the caseta skill in the echo, but discovery does see the wink hub devices, but nothing from the caseta bridge. I disabled the wink hub thinking running both the bridge and hub could be trouble. With the wink disabled and the caseta skill disabled then installed and enabled, echo then only sees my wemo device. It looks like echo does not "see" the bridge.

    i assume the new Pro2 broke compatibility with the echo. I view this as a Lurton issue. Backwards compatibility is important. Can the bridge software be updated? If not, the fix may fall on Amazon's development team.

    we had enjoyed controlling our lights with the echo.

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    Have you tried power cycling the Caseta bridge?
    Have you tried disabling and then re-enabling the Caseta skill in the Alexa app?

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    Cool Solved: Pro2-Echo discovery fails

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian W. View Post
    Have you tried power cycling the Caseta bridge?
    Have you tried disabling and then re-enabling the Caseta skill in the Alexa app?
    Yes I tried disabling and re-enabling the Caseta skill, cycling power at the bridge and re-initializing Echo to no avail.
    Your email suggestion that I disable wifi in my phone and connect to the bridge over the cell network was the clue.
    I could not get through to the bridge from outside my home network!
    I have two netgear wifi extenders to extend the wifi signal throughout the house and provide connectivity for non-wifi devices.
    I had connected the bridge to an extender thinking the extender would be transparent (just like connecting directly to the router).
    Not So! Connecting the bridge to the router solved the problem.

    I am very pleased with the response time for both the Lutron App and Alexa in controlling my lights.
    Key to having a good experience with Echo/Alexa is choosing easily recognizable names for your lights/switches.
    There are many poor choices. "Alexa turn Hall Lights on" will fail. Was that "all lights"?

    I highly recommend the Caseta line of smart switches.

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    glad to see it worked out. I am using the Pro2 and echo with no issues. fwiw I actually plugged my pro2 hub into the SONOS connect ethernet port. I also have a Hue2 hub plugged into a SONOS play one - so if anyone needs to use a more central location away from the router this has worked for me. Incidentally all end points are on the same subnet. I would bet the SONOSNet is more robust than my normal wifi... had one hiccup with Echo and Lutron hub in 6 weeks and it was likely on the echo side as Siri worked all along on the Lutron

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