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Thread: Fan Default Speed RRD-2ANF

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    Fan Default Speed RRD-2ANF

    Anyone familiar with setting the default fan speed (RRD-2ANF) when the fan is first turned on using the top button? Using dimmers, I can set it but for the fan, it wants to set it at the 3rd option (1-off through 5-highest). Haven't installed fans until now... Ideas or not possible?

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    Default is to Medium-High, but you can change that in the software.
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    I talked to tech support via phone and then they talked to engineering after we couldn't get it changed. The setting your talking about changing is for programming a keypad and not the button itself. There is no way to change the default setting when you press the button to turn on the fan. We even went to factory default and then joined/programmed it again, without success. It always reverts to the 3rd position (1-off,2,3-default,4-high) after joining/transferring when you first turn the fan on. This is odd because it should permit you to change this especially on a fan that is high on the ceiling in a large room...hate that as you enter, you hit button and papers go everwhere because the default is #3 not lower! ahhhh....

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