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Thread: Question regarding 4 button pico scene control

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    Question regarding 4 button pico scene control

    Hello all. Is it possible to program the scene controller to control a group of dimmers, where each scene would set the lamps to different levels? For instance, button 1 would set device 1 to 50%, device 2 to 75%, and device 3 to 100%? And maybe button 2 would set device 1&2 to 0% and device 3 to 10%? Thanks.

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    Yes this is possible. A set of dimmers are assigned to one switch and 3 scenes are possible. Plus All off. Each scene will use ALL assigned dimmers and you set the level of each dimmer from off to 100% for each scene.

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    Thanks for the reply. Do I need the hub for this functionality?

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    Also, can I have multiple Pico remotes assigned to the same switches?

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    great FAQ answers all your questions. Hub not required to use Pico as you can direct pair multiple dimmers to Pico or one dimmer to multiple picos.
    although curious why you would not use the hub for ease of programming , schedules and automation. As well as voice control with an Amazon Echo. Cost aside of course.

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