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Thread: Which pico remote for on/off of two different lights/groups of lights?

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    Which pico remote for on/off of two different lights/groups of lights?

    I'd like to have a remote by the front door that can turn on/off either two different dimmers/switches or two different groups of dimmers/switches. Do not need dimming function - I have two dimmers I'd like to assign to one button and two switches I'd like to assign to a second button. Only requirement is that I can turn each set on and off. What options do I have? I saw the L21 that looked like it's what I need, yet I can't find it for sale online/in stock. Any other options?

    With the L21, I assume that you can group dimmers/switches for each button and not just one dimmer or switch per button, correct?

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    Yes. The -L21, 2-group, 4-button Pico is the remote that you would need. You can assign multiple dimmers or switches to each group. The top two buttons will be on/off for one group and the bottom two buttons will be the on/off for the second group. If they aren't in stock, you should be able to order it from an electrical distributor in your area.

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