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Thread: in-wall switch flashing red

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    in-wall switch flashing red

    Have had an in-wall switch (on/off) installed for about 6 months and working properly for that time. It just started flashing red and no longer responds to the app. The switch continues to appear in the app. Troubleshooting guide suggests I need to have out-mlc installed but I certainly have not needed it until now.
    Should i be reseting to factory setting and try re-adding? Is the reset process the same as the dimmer ?

    1. Press the “on” button 3-times, but on your third press, continue to hold

    2. Your LEDs should cycle on the left-hand side
    3. Push on 3-more times

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    should add that the switch continues to operate the load normally - just does not respond to the app.

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    The reset process for the switch is the same as for the dimmer, but I'm not sure if that will help you.

    If the switch indicator LED is flashing red, that typically means that you are near or below the minimul load size for the switch. I'm suprized that the switch is working manually. I would highly recommend installing the LUT-MLC that was included with the switch.

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    Thanks for responding. Shortly prior to your answer I decided to delete the light from the app as it was not responding anyway. I then attempted to reset the switch but could never get it beyond getting the rapid red flicker of the reset process. Scratching my head I decided that maybe the reset process would work better if I took power off the switch for a few seconds first. I used the quick disconnect for 10 seconds and then when power was restored the led turned solid green. Once I saw that I used the app to re-add the switch and all now works.
    As I mostly use Simple Control (roomie remote) to control lighting I was expecting to have to use a different identifier from the integration report. Much to my surprise it picked up the original integration id# , and it wasn't even the last one entered. Leads me to believe that I never really completely removed the device from the SMB memory and all I really ended up doing is re-adding the light switch back to the Lutron app. In reality I think all I effectively did was repair the fault by toggling the power to the device and I suspect had I not deleted the light from the app I would not have even had to do anything more to get it working.

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