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Thread: Fluorescent Dimming

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    Question Fluorescent Dimming

    Hi folks,

    IS there any way besides using LQSE-2ECO module to dim fluorescent lighting on HWQS? I have a project where the client wants to dim a 3 ballast circuit , and i think it would be too expensive to use a 128 ballast module to control only 3 of them. I've never used those PHPM modules, do they work for this?

    Can you please advice?

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    Hello sergiobaiao,
    Thank you for your post.
    We do offer the 3 wire ballasts. These can be controlled using a PHPM-3F. This interface can sit between almost any dimmer you are using and the load. There is also a 3 wire fluorescent RF dimmer that can be used as well. Here is a link to the specification sheet.

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