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Thread: Amazon Echo to Caseta voice commands not working since this afternoon

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    Amazon Echo to Caseta voice commands not working since this afternoon

    Echo says device not found for any of my dimmers or groups. Siri finds them. so individually Echo and Lutron hub are fine. I disabled and enabled Echo skill - it rediscovered devices - but still no response.
    Lutron app works fine also.

    could it be a Amazon to Lutron cloud integration issue or just my me locally? Amazon tech support not been able to helps so far. Echo commands Hue lights fine . in mixed groups of Hue and Lutron only Hue ones come on on.

    any insight is appreciated.

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    well , it mysteriously stated to work again. about 20 min after I had left off with 1st and 2nd level Echo support and they had in turn to forwarded to engineering - was getting a call back tomorrow after they reviewed logs. let see what they come back with. it had been working solidly for 3 weeks until this afternoon. hoping they find something or perhaps this was just a one-off issue on my home network.. or a cloud/integration issue on between Lutron/Amazon? although I have no clue how the data flow works from Echo Voice command to Lutron Smart Bridge Pro.
    incidentally I have 3 Echos and all had the issue.

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