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Thread: Ability to control lights individually on a 3-way switch?

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    Ability to control lights individually on a 3-way switch?

    Based on my research I gather the Caseta system cannot control lights individually that are powered by the same switch since the bulbs are "dumb." Is this correct?

    My need is this: I have 3 switches that control all the lights that run down all 3 levels of my open stairs plus the bedroom level hall. I'd like to be able to just have the hall lights on sometimes.

    I have a Hue system that can do this but their brightest light is only 65w equiv. and I need 90+. Since Caseta uses any bulb it would be ideal, but it looks to me like it can only control all lights on a switch like any hardwired switch. If I'm reading the literature wrong please set me right. Thanks.

    Side note: I have a Wink hub that I bought cheap one black friday but have never used it b/c it doesn't have voice control. I see there is a way to integrate Caseta w/ Wink. Would the voice control (Siri/Alexa) still work?

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    Using the Wink hub, you should be able to do this using the GE Link bulbs- , which does have the 90+ watt equivalent- or the Cree Connected bulbs- . Looks like you wouyld have to go through the Wink app to integrate the new bulbs with the Caseta. I've never done this myself, maybe someone with experience can chime in.
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