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Thread: 3way 4way 3way dimming leds

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    3way 4way 3way dimming leds

    Is there a lutron product/products that will allow me to turn led cans on off from 3 locations and dimm them from atleast one? Also this same scenario with incandescent s. Thanks

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    Greenjourneyman, it sounds like you are thinking of installing and wiring at least 3 dimmers or switches in this scenario. If so since there are a lot of differences in the LED cans that are out there it's definitely a good idea to check with the experts in dimming at Lutron. Here is some info for you.:

    The dimming performance of LEDlighting can vary greatly from fixture to fixture. Lutron has done extensivetesting of LED fixtures on the market and has developed the LEDProduct Selection Tool to help simplifythe process.

    On the selection tool, you will find:

    • LED fixtures that are dimmable
    • Specific Lutron control(s) that will control that fixture

    • Dimming range of the fixture

    • Number of fixtures the control can dim

    This testing was conducted because dimmingperformance varies by manufacturer and even within a manufacturer’s productoffering. Only by testing can you determine electrical compatibility, dimmingperformance, and the number of lamps or fixtures that can be used on a dimmer.

    You can also dim many LED bulbs.Lutron is actively testing different manufacturer’s bulbs to understandcompatibility and performance with Lutron controls. The results of that testingcan be found on the Bulb Selector. ApprovedDimmable CFL/LED Bulb List.

    Pasted from <>

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    Pete F.
    EmpireDev is definitely right. You want to make sure that you are using compatible LEDs. You can also check the LED Product Selection Tool for fixtures that have been tested and approved to work with our controls.

    To answer your question about which controls you can use, if the product you are using has been tested and approved, you can use our MACL-153M-xx(color) in one location and an MA-R-xx in every other location, to dim from multiple locations. In this application, it does not matter if the MACL-153M is in either 3-way or the 4-way location.

    All of our other C•L dimmers can be used if you want to dim from 1 location and switch from the other 2 locations. However, the dimmer has to be used in either of the 3-way locations as it will not work in the 4-way location. In the other 2 locations, you would use standard 3-way and 4-way mechanical switches.

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