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Thread: Looking for Wink Hub Feedback

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    Looking for Wink Hub Feedback

    Hi All,
    just picked up a wink hub to see if I could tie in my Hue lights as well as Caseta dimmers into one interface.
    wink picked up hue easily but for Caseta it seems I have to unpair every single dimmer from Lutron Hub and re-pair to the Wink.
    Which also means redoing scenes and automation. Unless I missed something and thus is not the case.

    looking for feedback from folks that converted to the Wink and curious if some ended up back with Lutron hub.

    I do have a Qolsys and ADC setup humming away and my zwave fan switches and Schlage locks work fine on this. Performance for the Caseta integration is 1 sec with ADC so good. I can't integrate my Hue lights though. Hence the reason to try Wink or perhaps even Smart Things hub.
    wanted a single interface for family to manage lights.
    although with the amazon echo hitting a physical switch is getting less frequent.

    Any input appreciated as usual.

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    The Wink hub only has support for a subset of Caseta products.

    The real difference is the quality of the Wink app vs. the Caseta app. While I think both of them have a lot they need to do better, the Wink app is a lot better than the Lutron app.

    Off the top of my head examples:
    The Wink app lets you group light switches together and turn them on or off all at once easily. Useful when you have multiple sets of lights that you want to treat as a single group (kitchens, basements, etc..). To do this in the Lutron app requires a pair of scenes, one to turn them on, one to turn them off.

    The scene functionality in the Wink app is a little more cumbersome, but the Wink robots can do everything a scene can.

    My biggest pet peeve with the Lutron app is how painful it is to turn on or turn off a light. Turning on a light requires two taps, one on the light I want, then the next tap to turn it on. In Wink, you tap once to turn on (or off if the light is on), if you want to dim you hold your press longer and the slider shows up. I don't know about you, but I turn lights on or off a lot more often than I manually dim.

    Oh, and while I'm complaining about the app. Why is 1/3rd of the app screen devoted to showing me someone else's home? It's depressing that they paid someone to make multiple themes but they all have that silly generic home picture in the top third.

    So in short, if the Wink hub supports all of your devices, I'd use that one. It works great, and Wink is better integrated with other services. For example, I can say "Alexa start the Television" and my echo triggers a Yonomi routine that turns off the lights in my TV area, dims the lights in the neighboring zone, turns on the TV with my Harmony controller and sets the receiver to the right place.

    I have Lutron shades (not Serena) so I'm stuck with the Lutron hub but I'm keeping my lighting on Wink.

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    @zipzap- Thx for the feedback. I have wink now running with my Hue ecosystem. Has issues aligning with bulb state if I use the hue switches. Have not moved over my Casetas yet. At this point may just keep them on the smartHub. Lost the appetite to port over every individual dimmer and pico.
    Have two of the Home Depot commercial electric smart down lights working on the wink. But these are locked to Wink only although they use Zigbee. May just return the down lights and Wink . Let's see. I have a couple of Z-wave fan switches and Schalge deadbolt on / Qolsys panel. Guess I was looking for a use for a universal hub as opposed to a need. nicely integrates with Lutron and has One sec trigger response over the cloud.
    Yonomi rocks. Use it to play my Sonos ecosystem via Alexa.

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