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Thread: Connect bridge -DHCP or Static IP?

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    Connect bridge -DHCP or Static IP?

    With the Home+ app, if the customer wanted to use the app locally, I would always pick a static local IP address so they wouldn't have to set up the app again every time the router would change the local IP address. To be honest, nobody I know ever used the Home+ app's subscription based remote control so I don't know if that would work with DHCP or not so if someone can clear that up too, I would appreciate it.

    Anyway, today for the first time I added a Connect Bridge to an existing Radio Ra2 system and because of that, I moved it to a new router for which I knew nothing of the existing IP addresses. Because of that, I used DHCP. I should complain a bit here because the process is very un-intuitive. Every other device on the system is activated through the activation tab but to activate the connect bridge you need to do it from the design tab. I guess I kind of get it because it's not really activation per se, but finding it on the network, but the whole thing was a giant hassle. Not to mention that even after finding it and saving it, a minute later it would say it couldn't find it and I would have to refresh, but I digress.

    I got everything to work now, the app, the bridge, and it has remote control. The question I have is that will it continue to work under DHCP? What would happen if the router changed the IP addresses of the Main Repeater and the Connect Bridge? Is the system smart enough with DHCP to detect the change in IP, adjust its settings and phone home and I'd still be able to access the app remotely? Does remote control only work with a static local IP? I called tech support but I don't think he sounded too sure.

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    Connect bridge should be fine on DHCP. App usually does not connect directly to the bridge - both brige and app connect and communicate through a third party, so actual IP addresses usually do not matter.

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    I'm definitely not a networking expert, but I handle this by leaving the Main Repeater (and other, similar devices) is to leave it on DHCP, but reserve the IP address on the router.

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