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Thread: Having Major Problems working with the connect bridge in QS

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    Having Major Problems working with the connect bridge in QS

    Using Beta 10.3. The program see the bridge and it is activated. few min later it shows its offline. I know my switch and cable are good because I can ping the IP. I called Lutron and they told me to open certain ports which i did and still nothing. This is supposed to be very simple setup, but it seems like I am missing something. Doesn't even show up on my app, nor can i delete My home within my account. Last bridge that was connected showed RadioRA2 even thought im using a P6 processor. Can someone please verify the ports used for this connect bridge?

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    Hello dmf69878,
    Thank you for your post.
    Can you send a support file from the HWQS system and a log file from the mobile device app to We can further investigate the problem you are having in an effort to determine root cause.

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    Hi, could you solve the problem? The same thing is happening to us and we do not want to redirect ports.


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