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Thread: Phone support feedback

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    Phone support feedback

    First let me say I love Lutron and Lutron support! Lutron goes above and beyond in training installers, dealers, and the tech support team.

    However I would like to offer some suggestions on what is very frustrating.

    When I submit a system support file the email tells me to call for immediate assistance. I was having a ton of issues so I called. I waited on hold for 27 minutes before reaching a person. I understand Lutron is probably unable to hire enough skilled people much like everyone else in the industry so it's fine if I need to hold as long as I get immediate assistance. I explained to the support tech the issues I was having and the tech explained that He was unable to access and read the support file. Further support with support files is a first in first out model. This statement is the complete opposite of the text of the email Lutron sends out.
    "For immediate assistance, please call 1-800-523-9466, to speak to one of our Technical Support Representatives. For fastest service, please be sure to provide your case number to the phone support representative."
    To compare if I need Sonos support if I call in after submitting diagnostics to Sonos the entry level techs can immediately pull up the support file and read the error logs.

    Also every so often the phone system offers to have someone call back. When are calls returned? First in first out or does the system wait to assign a call back until the holding callers have spoken to support? Sonos's system saves your place in line and then the next free agent calls back. Can you please clarify how your call back feature works?

    Thank you! Please keep up the great work!

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    Luke, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. When you leave your number for a call back, it retains your spot in the queue. I'm not sure what is involved with Sonos' support files, but we only have a handful of agents that are trained on these and it is not something we review while on the phone due to the complexity and the time it takes to go through them.

    We appreciate your patience and we are actively recruiting and hiring new agents to help with the wait times.

    I've forwarded your feedback to our management team and they are continuously working to improve the wait times for our phone queues.

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