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Thread: LED logic not functioning - qs 5.2.0

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    LED logic not functioning - qs 5.2.0

    Has anyone seen issues with the LED's on keypads not responding as expected with 5.2.0? I have a number of keypads in a project that have particular buttons whose LED feedback is not functioning. System has been up and running for a year and do not recall seeing this issue with 4.2.2.

    Not all the buttons on the keypads have issues (some keypads will only have a problem with one button) and all are programmed differently (some are set to ROOM, some DEFINED BY SEQUENCE). Additionally there are other buttons in the system set up exactly as some of the problematic buttons and the LEDs work as expected.

    Most buttons simply light up the LED and then it will quickly extinguish (as if there is no programming on the button). The programming on the button will engage as expected. I have one button that actually just stays lit no matter what but the majority will not stay lit as expected.

    I've tried deleting the button logic, and then adding the same logic back but this does not fix the issue. Started a case with lutron but thought I would post here as well. Thanks.

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    Totesthouse, can you please send the project file that is experiencing this issue to and indicate which buttons are experiencing this issue. We would like to attempt to reproduce this issue with your project file.

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    I received the following email from Armando this morning. Please let me know if you would still like me to send the file in.

    Thank you for the description of the issue along with the files. We are able to reproduce the issue and are currently investigating the cause with our development team. As a current workaround, please change the LED logic of these buttons to something different and save the file. After this is done, change the LED logic back to its original state and save/transfer the file. After we did these actions we could not reproduce the issue anymore.

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    From our initial investigation it appears this issue was caused by a corrupted project file. To correct this issue with your particular project file you sent in it we recommended changing the LED logic of these buttons to something different and then save the file. After this is done, change the LED logic back to its original state as this will resolve this issue for this project file.

    We are going to continue to investigate this issue in case we can find some other cause to this issue.

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