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Thread: Why no "shared path"

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    Ah, gotcha. I should have realized that. Sorry for the noise.

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    We've asked for the timeclock "report" before. An excel type editable spreadsheet would be awesome, maybe like an integration report.

    My number one time waster (besides homeowners not heeding our advice) is the shared path of light. I have to build a shared toggle and wait for the client to finish all there edits and changes. Then have to go back and convert from a shared toggle to a stand-alone POL. Meanwhile, the LED logic doesn't jibe with what the rest of the job is doing and the client gets mildly confused (despite explaining this multiple times) until I change the button over to POL. Current job will have this little exercise 27 times... That's 26 more times to make a mistake and upset a client than I'd like.
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    Dealing with the shared thing now. Working with integration guy to get all feed back working and for home owner to edit only one button not 10.
    Trying not to be a pain on this one but get the feeling Lutron could care less about this issue. Have been a few releases since this post started.
    Is it really that hard to add this feature?

    Also going to add back in the tab thing. I know in HW you can do this. I get that we won't get conditional logic. That's for the big kids but a simple tab to next button to continue typing. Seams to be a lot of extra clicking when we could use the built in features that where created way back when the TAB button was invented.

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    Sorry for the yelling.
    Old post with no movement from Lutron
    Current Job has a tone of pathway for LED logic. Was just told customer want to be able to change by press and hold.
    So know I have to tell him that for his many thousand of dollars system he has to go to each button and hold.
    Again it's not conditional just practical.
    You gave us a count down timer, or Roll Back. That's conditional.
    You gave us Thermostats. They are all about condition.
    Why no Shared Pathway.
    Beginning to think Lutron deosn't like me

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    The other bummer is once you make a shared scene, the owner canít make homeowner edits. I told tech support this...but they dime it off every time.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The other bummer is once you make a shared scene, the owner canít make homeowner edits. I told tech support this...but they dime it off every time.
    I am not as dumb as you look..

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