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Thread: Why no "shared path"

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    Why no "shared path"

    WHY, WHY, Why?????

    Why will no one from Lutron answer to this?

    Seriously!!!! I change one load on a scene used on multiple keypads and I have to track them all down and, ahhhhhhhh!!!!

    And why, on a 2 main system, can't i pick a zone location from another repeater.
    I have Living 1 on repeater 1 and living 2 on repeater 2. So now in the app I'll have to Living room.
    Can't move devices in software because they are on WPM's.
    Obviously the software knows the difference. You cant make two Living room. Each has to be spelled diff.

    Can not tab between buttons in programing when entering text. Would like to tab to next button and keep typing. No type, click, type, click....

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    Hi Mitch, Thank you for your feedback. What button type are you using on the buttons that you have to go through a change all the buttons? If you use a shared scene or shared toggle then when you modify 1 button, every other buttons that uses that shared scene will change with it.

    For Zone locations, if the dimmer is in 1 room but the load is in another room, those rooms would need to be on the same Main Repeater and then you can select the Room the zone is located in under the dimmer settings so the zone will show up in the correct room in the Home Control+ app. If the rooms are on 2 different Main Repeaters then this isn't possible, and I have sent this feedback and the Tab feature to our System Development Team.

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    Mike S.-
    Mitch and I have gone over this a few times. Under Inclusive, we have shared scenes and shared toggles. We would love to see the Path of Light also added to the shared options. I currently have a large project with 28 keypads "sharing" a pathway scene. Currently running as a toggle to have the changes global for the "pathway", but I'll eventually have to "un-share" each one once the pathway has been finalized by the homeowner.

    On a side note- it would be nice if the keypad programming report would indicate the name of the shared scene. I find myself using multiple shared scenes on larger projects, and it would be nice to have the visual on the report so the homeowner can see which buttons are linked.
    Residential Lighting and Shading Specialist for CED Escondido

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    Yes I fully understand the repeater zoning issue. Thanks for passing it on to the team.
    Maybe another better example:
    Detached guest house has 2 yards on WPM on North repeater
    Main house has 2 8ANS for yards on south repeater.
    Both mains in the middle of house and not going to be moved.
    So now the app has 2 diff yard locations instead of 1.

    As for the shared path. SDR that's a good temp work around but will need to be fixed before owners move in and start complianing
    that the lighting doesn't make sense.

    Mike looking for same Toggle button and Scene status LED action as the Path of light.
    Hallway. turn it on when you go to the kitchen and turn it of when you come back.
    If it a long hallway with multiple local loads and some turned on a dimmer at the other end the feed back with either shared option
    wouldn't work very well.

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    Mitch, thanks for the explanation. I'll be sure to pass this on to our Development Team so they can look in to this as a future feature.

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    Shared Path update

    Hi Mike,

    any update on adding a shared path to the Radio Ra 2 software? That is my #2 time waster on a job is having to manually update the buttons then if I miss something I have to go back.

    Have a Shared "Path Of Light" like the shared Toggle and shared scene buttons would save me money and cause less frustration for my customers.



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    Curious what your number #1 time waster is. For Ra2 that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchE View Post

    Curious what your number #1 time waster is. For Ra2 that is.
    Not being able to print a Time Schedule. I must keep a detailed spreadsheet to see what is scheduled.

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    Seems like a good idea.

    But for now, how about just taking a partial screenshot of your Timeclock events?

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    However, I do not see which lights are scheduled at "Sunrise" and at "Sunrise - 60, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterC View Post
    Seems like a good idea.

    But for now, how about just taking a partial screenshot of your Timeclock events?

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