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Thread: EcoSystem Emergency Settings

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    EcoSystem Emergency Settings

    We're working on a house with 300 EcoSystem down lights. The way EcoSystem operates, in the event of a loss of power to the EcoSystem bus, seems suitable to a commercial setting but not residential. Does anyone have an effective strategy for dealing with this?

    Here's the problem. Our client has a battery / inverter back up system with limited capacity. They want to be judicious about what loads they use in an emergency. We can set emergency levels for each individual EcoSystem drivers in the HWQS software. During an emergency, if power is maintained to the lighting circuits and lost to the Eco bus, the lights will come on at the pre-programmed levels. That's all great for managing load, but terrible if people are sleeping in bedrooms. This mode of operation seems much more suited to the environment where EcoSystem comes from, commercial, where, in the event of a loss of power, occupants are generally exiting the building, and certainly not sleeping.

    Anyone have a good idea, other than programing the emergency levels to 0% in bedrooms?

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    Floor lamps in the bedrooms.

    Seriously, when we set up emergency light levels with manual override in homes with PNL-8s, we don't light the bedrooms- We assume that the client would rather deal with the hassle of plugging in a table lamp than trying to sleep with the lights on.

    I don't know ecosystem that well, but if there was a CCI on the driver like the MI for manual override that would be a big help. I suppose you could put a single pole 120v switch on the Line side of the ecosystem circuit that powers the bedroom hidden in a closet. Program the eco drivers to go on in an emergency and have the client turn the power off at this switch when they want darkness. This switch needs a label and maybe even a cover so it's hard to shut off unintentionally.

    I think in the end it's really about client expectations. I'd be content plugging in a floor lamp but I'm sure my wife would rather have the closet override.

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