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Thread: Homeworks QS RF keypad problem

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    Homeworks QS RF keypad problem

    Hi All
    I have a Homeworks QS system with a 10 button RF keypad model HQK-T10RL (UK based system) and the programming seems to have changed over the last week without us making any changes.
    Two buttons on the keypad were set to close and open a blind. Neither seem to action this any more.
    Two of the scene buttons did have shade presets built into the scenes and these still work.

    I haven't managed to go to site yet (hoping to do it later this week) but was wondering if anyone has had similar problems.
    I have double checked the program here in the office and they should function as they did when we first programmed it.

    Any ideas?

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    We would recommend connecting to the processor via "Tools->Terminal" then disabling the state of all monitoring and just enabling button and zone monitoring. Then, press the buttons to confirm the correct feedback that they should be outputting in terminal. You will be able to see the integration IDs of zones affected by each button press and could use the integration report to cross reference what zones are affected by which button. This will be helpful in identifying what the programming the system believes the keypad should be performing.

    If it is any different than what is intended, we would recommend defaulting the keypad, ensuring the programming is as you would require in the programming screen, then re-activating and re-transferring to the system. The most common cause that some buttons change programmign is the level editor feature in the Lutron Home Control+ application (if applicable).

    If you still require assistance determining the cause of the issue, please performing the testing in the Terminal and right click the terminal to choose the option to "save log". After this is done, please go to "help->support->create support file" while connected to the system to generate a support file that can provide the processor event logs. Please email this information and the description for this issue to

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    Many thanks Armando
    We have been investigating this and these are our findings so far.
    The location is our demo centre.
    The version it was running when the fault was flagged was 5.1.0
    The fault: On a HQK-T10RL button 6 was set to blind up or open (no other functions under this button)
    And Button 17 was set to blind down or close
    Using the latest non beta version 5.2.0 we uploaded the program having checked that the program for these two buttons was correct.
    This upload update the OS of the processor to 5.2.0.
    These two buttons still had the fault even after this upgrade.
    We monitored the terminal as instructed by Armando and found that the terminal showed the correct response from the keypad and button (Device, 7, 6, 3) however there was no response from the processor – I expected to see something like the following: output, 18, 1,100.00
    Checking some of the other button presses on the same keypad and including lighting and same shade control - these all worked.
    What I did try was entering the program tab and re-entering the command held under that button (in this instance the Blind Up) having first removed it.
    I then re uploaded the program and found that the command under the Blind Up button now functioned correctly.

    Did the same with the Blind down button and all now works fine.

    It just looks as though processor had lost the commands associated with these two buttons, but why – that we are struggling to figure out.
    One consideration – what happens when the batteries run down on the RF Table top keypad can this affect the programming?
    You do have to add a 9v Plug in PSU to the RF tabletop keypad when you are uploading otherwise it doesn’t see the device during the transfer. If someone did a transfer without this 9v PSU plugged in would it affect the programming.
    I will forward the logs on to tech support.

    Many thanks

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    If the RF keypad has low battery, it may not take new transfers and thus will not behave as was last programmed. When he plugged the table top keypads to power they did not have this issue and they were able to receive a transfer to get the proper programming.

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