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Thread: Operational Question when integrated to Wink Hub

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    Operational Question when integrated to Wink Hub

    Hi all, just a quick question.

    I have all my Caseta wireless dimmers added into my Wink hub. And I can control all of them fine from the Wink app.

    My question is when i manually turn on a light using the Caseta dimmer, should the Wink app get this update?

    For example, I turn on the kitchen lights using the Caseta dimmer but the Wink app still shows the lights off.

    Just wondering if this is normal or not?


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    Wink should update when the dimmers change state. If this isn't happening, I would suggest contacting Wink.

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    Thanks Brian, I'll contact them. I was hoping it would work like that but wasn't sure since i just got everything integrated.

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    So, just following up to provide the fix. I contacted Wink support and they had me try the normal things, reset Wink hub, log out/in of the Wink app and I was still not showing the proper status of my Caseta dimmer on my Wink app. It was just the kitchen lights that were not in sync. My other Caseta lights showed proper status. The fix for me was to completely remove the kitchen Caseta from the Wink app, then reset the Caseta dimmer to default. Once I added the Caseta back to the Wink app, it started showing the proper status. I know, not rocket science but wanted to share :)

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