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Thread: HVAC wishlist etc.

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    HVAC wishlist etc.

    Hi Lutron-
    I've got some desk time and have been messing with a TouchPro with QS. I'm using 8.5 here at my desk.
    What I've learned so far:

    1. I'd really like to be able to change the HVAC MODE with the schedules programming- not just the setpoints. I should be able to call up Auto, Cool, Heat, Off or Unaffected when setting a temperature in the schedule. Most of us here in the office are surprised that if a user changes the tstat from Auto to Cool, but leaves the schedule running, a scheduled event does NOT return the tstat to Auto to enable the targeted temperature to be attained. I understand the general concept of "last press" but I think QS should allow us to set this logic to user preference.

    2. I'm happy to report that if the user sets the HVAC schedule to OFF in the app, updating and transferring a new file (even with HVAC schedule tweaks) will NOT re-enable the HVAC schedule. I think that's working just as it should.

    3. I've set up a few seeTouch keypad buttons to make 1-touch changes to the HVAC system.
    button 1 COOL- set temp 65, sched hold, cool, auto.
    button 2 HEAT- set temp 80, sched hold, heat, auto.
    button 3 HOLD- just sets sched hold.
    button 4 RUN- temp unaffected, run schedule, auto, auto.

    using button 1 and 2 work fine. Button 3 monitors hold/run fine. The odd duck is button 4.
    example: press button 1. TouchPro changes setpoint, flips to Cool mode, button 3 HOLD led lights true along with button 1.
    press button 4. TouchPro changes setpoints and flips to AUTO and then flips RIGHT BACK TO Cool with button 1 setpoints. All LEDs on this keypad are false.
    a 2nd press of button 4 results in TouchPro settings that match the running schedule, and button 4 led is true.

    pressing button 4 after button 2 acts the same way.

    I've tried waiting them out to see what happens after the 1st press, and all LED feedback stays false even though the tstat remains in what looks like 'cool-hold' mode.

    all buttons are single action scene logic.

    If button 4 never did what I intended, then I'd think I made a mistake in programming. Since it always works on the 2nd press, it makes me wonder what's going on.

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    Hello digit1,
    Thank you for your post.
    Apologies for the late response as I am just getting notification of this now for some reason. If you are still experiencing issues please send in a support file with the link to this post to

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