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Thread: Keypad issue

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    Keypad issue

    We have an issue with a 8 button keypad installed as part of a whole house HomeWorks QS system. The buttons are controlling ceiling lights, mood lighting and a mirror light as well as the blind. The issue is that the keypad works perfectely following a transfer of the database but some hours later the each button (excluding the ones for the blind) take two presses to operate. If we transfer the database without any changes all works ok again until some hours later the exact thing happens again. There are 23 keypads on the system and the issues only occurs on this one.

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    Hello ashford,
    Thank you for your post.
    Are you able to swap that keypad with another? I am curious to see if the problem follows or stays at the location. If you require further assistance send us a support file to Please indicate the dates/times the issue occurred.

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    I also just encountered a problem similar while installing Lutron HWQS at my place of work, I have a couple of offices that I assigned pico keypads for the rooms (4 buttoned pico). For the rooms the first buttons are programmed to put the lights on 100% capacity, the 2nd should be 50%, the 3rd should be 25%, and the last button as "All off". Each of the buttons take two presses to function. I mean if I am to take my lights from 100% to 50% the lights go off first after the first press on the button then they go to 50% after after the second press. I have never seen a bad transition like this before. What could be the cause? Thanks in anticipation of your quick response.

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    I have swapped out the keypad and the problem remains. I did however copy the programming to the new keypad from the old one, so this may indicate it is a programming issue? I will upload the support file as suggested.

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    Curious... did this get solved? I have similar problem with two 3brl picos in two rooms. But issue is intermittent and only on first press when coming in to use the room. Support tells me too much RF traffic so need to add a QSM but I think that is ridiculous answer since things work perfect after first press and I can press the pico really fast over and over without issue

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    I've seen issues like this (and others) after an upload; my issues have gone away for me when I do the following:

    1. enter activation mode, once in activation mode, exit
    2. transfer the project but ensure that the "force full upload" box is checked (when you exit activation, it will ask to transfer, click "no" and then go to the transfer tab, click the force full upload box and transfer)

    I've now made the above my standard mode of operation and it hasn't failed me yet, YMMV


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