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Thread: Caseta Suggestions Sticky??

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    Caseta Suggestions Sticky??

    Is there one on this forum that I missed?

    Here's two ideas/suggestions:

    A way to program a button as a toggle. It would be great if you can program a button so that it has multiple actions:
    1 press turns on a light
    2nd press turns the light off if it's already on
    Press and hold raise to upper limit then dims

    1 press raises shade if closed or lowers if already open
    2nd press stops shade
    3rd press changes direction

    Printable stickers:
    I'm in the process of hacking together some stickers because I'd like to be able to add removable labels to my Pico's so that I have the ability to change them if I want to re-program them as I design my system. I also don't want to have to wait to have them custom engraved from Lutron. Pre-cut labels and a template from a company like Avery would be great.

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Thank you for the suggestions. I like the one about using one button as a toggle, and the preprinted stickers is an interresting idea as well.
    I will forward your suggetions to our developement engineers as possible future features of the app.

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    Thanks Brian. I know the stickers idea sounds tacky (no pun intended) but they're actually looking pretty nice.

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