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Thread: Homeworks QS 10.0, problem with the extract tool.

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    Unhappy Homeworks QS 10.0, problem with the extract tool.

    I upgrade my Lutron Homeworks QS processor to the new beta 10.0 (previously I had 9.4), but I have some problems. The first, I can't extract the project with the extract tool from the processor. The second error is with the LQSE-2DAL module. The Dali loop can't find some Dali drivers (in 9.4 beta it can). But my most important problem is: How can I restart the QS processor to factory default.

    Sorry for my English, I'm from Spain and speak only a little.


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    Hello franmejias,
    I am suspecting the DALI issue is related to a 10.0 bug. We are still investigating this. In the meantime send us an email at with a copy of your 9.4 version of the database. I will see if I can resolve the issue using the 10.2 version. 10.2 should be available soon for download from the website.

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