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Thread: Triathlon Honeycomb Shades - Clicking Sounds

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    Triathlon Honeycomb Shades - Clicking Sounds


    I've had several Triathlon Honeycomb shades installed for about a year now, and a few have developed a subtle "clicking" sound (like once a second while moving) when lowering and raising. It's not super loud, but audible from anywhere in the room. This has be going on for several months now. Again, out of 8 shades, maybe 2 or 3 make some sort of clicking or ticking sound other than the normal low level motor hum.

    Is this normal? Should I expect the shades to be "click free" or is this just expecting too much?


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    That is not normal. Should never get a clicking sound. Call Shading customer service and they can walk you through the process.

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    Thanks I'll call later on when I get home.

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