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Thread: HWQS Powr Savr occ / vacc sensor with Control4

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    HWQS Powr Savr occ / vacc sensor with Control4

    Hello everyone, is anyone trying to add the Powr Savr Occ/Vacc sensor? Because despite the driver works fine with the dimmer and switch, I recovered no news of sensor. Anyone know how Recuper the state of occ/Vcc? In the logs off QS processor driver, i only can read "Error. Invalid Network Command" when one sensor is occ or Vacc but i can't program nothing with the state of this sensors on Control4.

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    Hi everyone, i find the problem. If the sensors are conected to a QSM don't work but if You conect the sensors to an Hybrid repeater works! Have a nice Day. Best Regards. Kevin

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