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Thread: Main Repeater and connect bridge 5 devices?

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    Main Repeater and connect bridge 5 devices?

    I noticed today on a new install that the Main repeater and connect bridge count as 5 of 100 devices for some reason. I had not yet added any device other than those two. Is this a bug or should the connect bridge count as 4 devices? Using 10.1

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    Main repeater always counts as one, and four spots are assigned to auxiliary repeaters (whether used or not). I did not notice if the Connect adds a device, as it really only speaks to the main via ethernet connection.
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    Yes as SanDiegoRep mentioned the Main Repeater will always take 5 device spots right out of the gate, 1 for itself and 4 reserved spots for auxiliary repeaters. The connect bridge should take an additional spot meaning it should bring the count up to 6 for your example.

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