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Thread: Wrong DMX LED light % feedback in Home Control+ App

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    Wrong DMX LED light % feedback in Home Control+ App

    I have some LED lights connected to a DMX LED driver via a QSE-CI-DMX to a HomeWorks QS system. I noticed the following behavior:

    1. From a Lutorn keypad a select a scene which turns on the LED lights at 25%.
    2. I open the Lutron Home Control+ app V9.9 and all LED's are at 25%.
    3. I press the Master Lower button on the keypad several times and every press the dimming % is lowered with ~5%.
    4. When the app is showing 0% the lights are still on.

    It looks like in reality the LED's only dim 1% per press but the app shows steps of ~5%.
    I tested this with different DMX drivers but the problem remains the same.

    Is this a known issue?

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    Hello William Bouman,
    Thank you for your post. I do believe this is a known issue with how HWQS integrates with DMX. I am awaiting confirmation from engineering. I will post back once I have an answer.

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