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Thread: 3rd Part Curtain Motor

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    3rd Part Curtain Motor


    Newbie here. Anyone can help me on my 3rd party curtain motor?
    I'm using QSE-IO to control the curtain's open/close. CCO1 (curtain close) and CCO2 (curtain open) loads labeled as CCO Pulse on the designer. On the programming, assigned toggle button "press on" as CCO2 0.25s & CCO1 Unaffected, "toggle off" as CCO1 0.25s & CCO2 Unaffected. I can only close the curtain but unable to open using this commands.

    On wiring side, three cables are coming from the Curtain (Close, Open & Common). Curtain works manually when Close & Common shorted Curtain will close and Open and Common shorted curtain will open. Short all three cables curtain will stop.

    On QSE-IO, I connected the Close to CCO1 Normally Close (NC), Common to Common and Open to CCO2 Normally Open.
    Right now I can only close the curtain and unable to open. Anyone who can help me on this? Thanks a lot!

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    All should be connected to Normally Open.

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