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Thread: Control4 and QS Standalone Shade System via HouseLogix driver

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    Control4 and QS Standalone Shade System via HouseLogix driver

    Looking for some help!

    Current Setup:
    Control4 System on v2.8.0 (HC800 Director)
    (9) QS hardwired Standalone shades
    (1) Lutron QSE-CI-NWK device on Firmware v8.60
    (1) Lutron back up keypad for raise/lower

    via putty I have assigned Integration IDs as following:
    Shade panel: "01"
    QSE-CI-NWK: "02"
    Master Bedroom Shade 1: 03
    Master Bedroom Shade 2: 04
    Grand Shade 1: 05
    Grand Shade 2: 06
    Grand Shade 3: 07
    Grand Shade 4: 08
    Grand Shade 5: 09
    Kitchen Shade: 10
    Library Shade: 11

    -Prior to assigning IDs I factory rest all the shades and keypad. I do not know how to factory reset the shade panel (could not find directions) so this is as was.
    -I put static IP on the QSE NWK
    -I've installed the Houselogix standalone driver into Control4
    -Added the shades drivers and confirmed they are bond in connection to the QSE NWK driver.
    -Added the ID to the drivers assigned above
    -I've added the ID and password to the QSE-CI-NWK driver within Control4. O2 NWK
    -Control4 appears to be communicating with the QSE-NWK as I get feedback in the "lua" tab when setting "debug" to print and log.
    -When sending open/close from the driver the shades do not work.
    -All shades go open/close from panel and keypad without issues.

    I'm guessing I'm missing a key step that is not allowing control. Or the integration IDs need to be a certain way. Thoughts? Ideas? Please help. I have 30 of these I need to integrate! Yikes!

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    Hello Bethesda Jason,
    What you will want to do to correct the issue is use action 4 when setting the integration ids. You will notice that the parameters ask for a component number. This will need to be set to 0 for shades. After this is complete the #output commands Control4 wants to send will work.

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    Thanks for helping! "Action 4" does not seem to be an option for integration id. Where should I see the "parameters" that ask for component? within telnet? Do you have an example of the action 4 that will correct this. I can seem to find anyone within Lutron or HouseLogix that can help me, as of yet at least.


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    Apologies. I thought you were referencing our integration protocol. I have included a link, check out page 20.

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    Blair, I figured it out! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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    I think the Control4 driver documentation could be a bit clearer on having to set a component ID to each output but that would be up to Houselogix I guess.

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    Hey Jason,

    I'm having the exact same problem now with a 2.10 Control4 system. I have set this up a few times on 2.91 and those still work. I'm wondering if I forgot something (like you discovered) or did 2.10 break the driver.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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