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Thread: Sivoia QS Triathlon - adding to existing system

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    Sivoia QS Triathlon - adding to existing system

    I will be adding this shade to an existing pro hub installation. The roller shade in question will be remote powered rather than battery and the shade will be high up and in a very difficult to reach area. My question is about adding the shade to the system - do i need to press some button on the shade to pair it to the Caseta Pro Hub? or is the pairing done at the remote Lutron plug in power supply? If its on the shade assembly then I need to be home when the installers are up on the ladders. Thanks in advance.

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    Button is on the shade. Open the app, tap "Settings", "Add Device", select shade - you will see picture and instructions.

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    veeeh is correct. You need to tap a button on the shade to program it to the Pro Bridge. See Page 2, Section 6 of to see the location of the button. If you are planning on controlling this with a Pico remote as well, don't follow these attached instructions. Add the shade into the app first, then add the Pico into the app and assign the shade to it in the app.

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