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Thread: Inrush current for dimmers

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    Question Inrush current for dimmers

    • Which inrush current MQSE-4A1-D is allowed per zone?
    • Which inrush current LQSE-4A-D is allowed per zone?

    220V system

    I am interested in the following parameters:

    • Max Peak Current
    • Max Pulse Width (at 10% Peak Current)
    • Max I2t (A2 sec) (with Pulse Widths ? 2 ms and ? 2.35 ms?)

    Dimmer supports 500W [500W / (1 230V) = 2.174A] incandescent lamp. Does this mean that the dimmer supports the 22A inrush current? (for incandescent lamps inrush current is about 10 times more)

    The specifications refers to the NEMA SSL7 ("SSL7 Compliant"), but this document is not in publicly available.

    We want to carry out some tests of lamps (not in the compatibility list) to make sure that the system will work stably.


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    Good morning Arsen,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Since the nature of your question is more advanced than our spec sheets cover, would you please email your question to so that we can get your inquiry to the proper group of people for an answer?

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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