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Thread: Power Sensor?

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    Power Sensor?

    I have a customer with a remote vacation home. We want to know if the HVAC system loses power. We have HQS and Crestron available and would like to send a text/email when the system loses power. Any suggestions?
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    I would think Crestron would be your first choice. Our Crestron pro has set up email alerts for clients in the past to do the same thing. In your scenario I would recommend powering a relay with the 24VAC relay and connect the NO side to an IO on the Crestron processor. 24VAC would close the relay, and the Crestron IO would read closure = no email. If 24VAC went down, the relay would open, the IO would open, and Crestron would send an email.
    I can't think of any way do this with Lutron- you could make the same connections etc but you don't have the ability to have a CCI send an email.

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