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Thread: Lutron Connect App Not Tracking Triathalon Status

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    Lutron Connect App Not Tracking Triathalon Status

    I installed our first Connect Bridge on the QS system here in our building. Every time I open the Lutron Connect app (iPhone) it shows me that my two Triathalon roller shades are closed, even though they are open. I can force them open and closed with the app, but once I switch out of the app for a period of time or close the app and reopen, the status is incorrect again. Lights don't seem to be suffering from the same issue. Any thoughts?

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    Hello ben@wickedsmarthomes,
    Thank you for your post. Lutron can investigate the problem further. We will need a support file pulled from the software and also a log file from app sent in to

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    Email sent. Thanks for the reply.

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