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Thread: Guest Settingvfor TouchPro Thermostat

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    Exclamation Guest Settingvfor TouchPro Thermostat

    I have five touch pro thermostats in my radiora 2 system. One of the thermostats controls the a/c in a guest bedroom. Is there a way to change the settings for that particular thermostat based upon the current system mode?

    I want to create a 'guest' mode and when guests are over switch to that mode and have that a/c keep that room cooler.



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    You could either set a new timeclock mode and have the thermostat set differently or a keypad button press as a green button. Neither are ideal.

    Timeclock Mode- you would need to make sure all normal operations are selected in the new "guest" mode. Just need to remember to turn it back to Normal when they leave.

    Green Button- this would have the guest area set "back" to your normal range. Then push the button again to unselect the green button when guests arrive. This would also turn the led indicator off. If you have a keypad in the guest room, this is probably what I would choose- leaving the guest room in the Green Mode when unoccupied.
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    I would probably play around with an occupancy sensor, if you have the time and patience to sort out the programming and location. This could make the setpoint changes automatic (but not foolproof). It could work in conjunction with a green mode type button press.

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    I created a new timeclock mode called 'guest' and then I created a button on a virtual keypad to enter guest mode, but how do I make the TouchPro enter 'guest' mode when I press the button. All TouchPro events work on day and time so would I have wait until that time comes around again and then the 'guest' mode would override the normal programming?
    is there a way to enter guest mode instantaneously?


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    Timed events will still only occur at the programmed time. unfortunately a time clock mode button can only change modes when pressed it cannot change other setting instantly within the RadioRA 2 system.

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    I think I have a decent solution: I created 4 new timeclock events. Each event comes a few minutes after the normal setting to that particular A/C unit. So in essence,it overrides the normally higher temperature with the lower one.

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