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Thread: New LED Compatibility Tool

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    New LED Compatibility Tool

    Lutron has just added a new tool to the website to help make finding an LED for your dimmer, or a dimmer for your LED significantly easier!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jai H. View Post
    Lutron has just added a new tool to the website to help make finding an LED for your dimmer, or a dimmer for your LED significantly easier!
    I installed a CTCL-150 to use with my DIMMABLE LED bulbs as the package said it would. This switch did not work and the bulbs simply flickered. I went to your website to find the compatible bulbs and this site will not load. Now I have a new switch, dimmable bulbs, and a system that does not work and no way to find out what IS workable. What should I do now?????

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    Hello nmelham,Thank you for your post! The flickering that you are describing with the LED lamps is what we would define as LED incompatibility between the dimmer and LED Lamp. To resolve this, you can remove one of the LED lamps and replace with an incandescent or halogen lamp, if the flickering issue is resolved by doing this it is showing there is nothing functionally wrong with the dimmer. We verified with our web teams that the Lutron LED Compatibility Tool @ is up and running and fully operational. Please re-visit this online tool and type your model number (CTCL-150) to have the tool generate a list of compatible LED lamps that will be free of the flickering you are currently experiencing. Hope this info helps! -JustinF.

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    Cree LED Bulb Equivalency

    Does anyone know the difference between a TBR30-14050FLFH25-12DE26-1-11 (Compatibility tool and Cree website) and TBR30-14050FLFH25-12DE26-1-E1-MP (Amazon)? I cannot find the -1-E1-MP on Cree's website.

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    I was able to reach Cree. They told me the bulbs are the same, and many resellers change the suffix like that.

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    The tool is useful but many bulbs are not available in the US or mainstream. Would it be possible to get an updated "big box retailers" sheet or search in the database by country or even better by retailer. Alternatively, if someone had built a list of easily available "good" A19, PAR20, PAR30, BR30 and could share it, it would be great. Thanks

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    I use neutral-dimmers and have had pretty good luck with EcoSmart. It is the HomeDepot store brand. They have a good variety of bulbs and colors and are reasonably priced. I'm don't know who the actual manufacturer is though.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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