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Thread: Unable to enable RRD-H6BRL-WH backlighting

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    Unable to enable RRD-H6BRL-WH backlighting

    I'm having trouble turning on keypad backlighting w/10.1. I set the values to Low in Design, have performed a Transfer, but the light doesn't come on.

    I've been successfully with this previously, using 9.x versions of the RadioRA 2 programming software.

    Any help?

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    Just following-up on this. It seems eventually the backlighting eventually becomes enabled. I'm not sure why it wasn't working for the first couple of times I enabled it and did the transfer. Perhaps this settings requires something else to drag it into being a candidate for updating the main repeater.

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    MisterC, this could have been caused by the keypad having transfer issues, did the back light start working after a recent transfer?

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    No, there were no transfer issues. Everything reported as OK. The backlight started working after later update; I'd make some other naming changes to buttons, and a couple of other programming changes. My theory was that the backlighting change by itself didn't trigger the software to do an update, but that some other change pulled in the setting and so it started working.

    I had set the backlighting from three keypads, and none of them worked the first couple of times I tried the transfer. And a few days later, after other programming changes I noticed they were working.

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