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Thread: Connect app feedback

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    Connect app feedback

    Two things about the new Lutron connect app:
    1) when entering a password on the iPhone app, you have to press "done" to hide the keyboard then sign in button. Pressing "go" on the keyboard causes a wrong password error. Probably because the last character of the password doesn't register. My customer and I are very tech savvy and we were going nuts trying to figure out why he could not log in. Should be a pretty easy fix on your end hopefully.
    2) give end user on iPhone a GUI choice. Three of my customers who used to use Home+ have complained about the new GUI. I have to agree it requires quite a bit of end user configuration to make the first screen usable. If the end user could choose the GUI used it would help. Or if home+ could support the bridge for no additional charge access it would be better.

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    1) how do I add Nest thermostats to the iPad app?
    2) Are the nests tied to the connect bridge account or just signed into per device?
    3) are changes to the system name only saved on the device (within the app and not on the bridge)
    4) how can I shorten the nest name in the connect app without changing the home name saved with Nest? For example system name is 15 Lohan Ct. The thermostats show as 15 Lohan Ct A..... Which is totally useless. Changing the home name within Nest uses helps but there is something buggy. In Nest I renamed the house 15. Now half the thermostats show with names while other half only show 15- clicking to adjust helps and the full name can be seen now. It doesn't seem to be a character limit. 15 - Apartment shows in full but 15 - kitchen doesn't show until clicked to be adjusted.
    5) since I have setup and logged into 5 different connect app systems I can move Nests from one customers account to another's. Once I move them to a different system I can move them back to the correct system. It's not much of an exploit but you might want to look at how that is possible.

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    First I want to thank you for the feedback I will be glad to forward this on to our engineering team to review for the future. As far as the Home Control + app is concerned I am not sure which portion of the GUI you are referring to? the system screen, the rooms screen? As far as adding Nest Thermostats they are only available through the connect app the Home Control + app will not be getting access to these features. On iPad and Android Tablets unfortunately these items are not yet compatible with WiFi Thermostats (although this is a bug we are working on). As far as the system name is concerned in Home Control + this can be set when you create the system within the app but otherwise in the Connect App this can be edited at any time via the app only. Concerning the name of Nest Thermostats I honestly have next to no information on this due to as far as our app is concerned you are only ever logging into Nest's Cloud service so Nest is completely in charge or their naming process we only pull the information into the connect app so it can be viewed. Concerning which nest systems are connected to which connect system. Are you remaining logged into Nests cloud service? This may be how they are moving from system to system, otherwise I can escalate this to be looked into further. Hopefully this answers these questions if you have further questions you are welcome to post them here or call our technical support hotline for a quicker response time.

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