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Thread: Set Plug In Dimming Module to Switching Mode?

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    Set Plug In Dimming Module to Switching Mode?

    Hi folks,

    While browsing the documentation of the dimming module:

    There are several mentions of setting the dimming module to switching mode for loads that don't support dimming. How does one do that? I glossed over the doc and didn't see any info on that. Thanks!

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    Here is the link to the Advanced Programming Guide, this will guide you through setting the plug in dimmer as a switch only.

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    Thanks Mike! I don't see the Dimming Module / Switching module in that document, just in-wall switches...?

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    What is the model of the module you have, it should fall under the dimmer section. You would just need to use the Secondary Programming menu on Page 3.

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    Actually, I was referring to the RR-3PD-1 (spec sheet in my first post) :)

    On the bottom of Page 2 of the spec sheet (RR-3PD-1 column) it says "Control non-dimmable lighting loads in switching mode"...

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    There is an option in Essentials under the design tab, select load type. There are 8 choices, some are dim-able and others non-dim-able.


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    So I can just choose the non-dimmable option in the programming software even though the RR-3PD-1 is dimmable?

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