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Thread: RRD-2ANF compatibility with (a) Lutron Caseta Hub? vs. only Connect Bridge Hub?

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    RRD-2ANF compatibility with (a) Lutron Caseta Hub? vs. only Connect Bridge Hub?

    Is the RRD-2ANF in wall 4 fan speed control compatibe with only the:
    (a) only the Lutron Connect Bridge Hub or also a
    (b) Lutron Caseta Hub?

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    (C) RR-MAIN-REP-WH with a Connect Bridge to allow for Connect App.


    (D) RR-MAIN-REP-WH with the Lutron Home Control Plus App

    To integrate with a RRX type device you'll need the Radio Ra 2 Main Repeater.

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    You can also use it as a stand alone device and control it with a Pico remote control.

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    How? Do you still need a repeater?

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    No repeater necessary as a stand-alone. Caseta and RadioRA2 dimmers/switches effectively "dumb down" to Maestro wireless and can run just paired to a Pico. You would need to factory default to add that particular device onto a repeater or SMB if added later.
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