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Thread: Flashing Lights on PD-5WS-DV

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    Question Flashing Lights on PD-5WS-DV

    I have installed several of these already thru the home. I was working on installing two of them today in two different 3-way setups. I kept track of the wire connected to the different color screw and my traveler wire was connected to the blue wire per instructions. On the other end I installed a 3-way Leviton lit switch on both of these. I do not think it would be any different but noted it in case it does as they are the only two lit 3-ways I have ever installed. I also installed the jumper wire on the mechanical switch end between the two different color screws that have the black wires attached per instructions. Now I have already done probably 8 different 3-way setups like this throughout my home already but the Leviton switches were not the lit ones though I cannot imagine that would make a difference.

    Anyway, if I have the mechanical switch in the off position on either one of them and turn the Lutron switch on, they begin flashing. However, if I turn the mechanical switch to the on position, the lights act normal from the Lutron switch end. What am I missed as I have driven myself up a wall trying to figure out the obvious. All wire nut connections appear to be solid and good as I have verified them all twice and the wire connections to the mechanical appear to be good as well.


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    Figured it out as no one else here apparently had any ideas. Apparently, the current draw from the illumination in the switch somehow affects the Lutron switch. I used a non-illuminated 3-way and fine no problem. Go figure.

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