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Thread: SQL Server issue

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    SQL Server issue

    I'm running windows 10 (OEM install with auto updates). This is the 2nd time I have gotten this error:
    “Your SQL Server installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with (unknown package id). Please uninstall then re-run setup to correct this problem.”

    The only way I can clear the error is if I go to task manager and kill the RR2 task.

    I reinstalled/updated RR2 and HQS last time and it went away. That was maybe 2 weeks ago??

    It seems like windows is updating the SQL server and Lutron doesn't recognize it.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Hi Randy, if this is happening repeatedly then there is something on your computer that is modifying or corrupting the SQL files that Radio Ra2 installs when it is installed. To resolve the issue you will need to uninstall the Radio Ra2 software. You can manually re-install the SQL files, if you want you can send an email to and we can give you the steps for this.

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    I wound up uninstalling all HQS and RR2 installations. Fortunately, it is a new PC and I only had a couple 2 of each. It happened again after a Windows update. I tried HQS and it opened. I went back to RR2 and it opened. Seems to be working now.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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